Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the question and answer you are seeking, please contact us through our Contact Us form.

What Is The Developer License?

The Developer License allows you to place the Plugin on your client’s sites. The Developer License only comes with the Monthly Pro Unlimited Plan or those who buy the Plugin outright with the One-Time Payment option. If you have a developer license and intend to make use of it, simply contact our Support Department and request your developer key, which is unique to each user and tracks installs back to that user.

What Is The Difference Between The Monthly Plans And The One Time Payment?

The Main Differences between a monthly plan and buying the Plugin under the “one-time” payment is that once you buy the Plugin, you own it and it will work forever and you get 1 year of support and upgrades. The monthly plans are a great way for you to experience the plugin without actually buying it, or for people who don’t like large one time payments or prefer to be on a monthly budget. If you are on a monthly plan and for any reason you cancel your plan, the Plugin will no longer function. Users on a monthly plan also get Support & Updates for as long as they are active and paying customers.

How Do I Access My Tickets?

Once you have activated and configured Support Dynamo, you can access your tickets by clicking on the “Support” menu on your left hand Admin navigation area or from the link on the WordPress Admin bar.  You will also see a Dynamo section in your left Navigation area which is where you can update your settings.

How Technical Is Support Dynamo / Do I Need To Be A Techie To Use The Plugin?

Support Dynamo isn’t technical at all. Although very advanced and super technical behind the scenes, Support Dynamo was built to be super simple and super easy for everyone to use. What little Setting Options the Plugin has can all be changed by checking/un-checking check boxes or selecting from a drop down menu. Note, Support Dynamo is pre-configured to work once activated. With minor customization, the Plugin can integrate with other Plugins and offer more advanced functionality.

Are There Any Known Plugin Conflicts?

No, currently there are no known Plugin conflicts that will stop Support Dynamo from functioning correctly. That being said, there are over 15,000 Plugins available for download just from WordPress.org so if you find one that has a conflict please let us know and we’ll work to correct the conflict.

How Do I Install Support Dynamo?

Support Dynamo is super easy to install, you can upload to WordPress just as you would any other WordPress Plugin. Just go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and look under the “Plugins” section in the left navigation area. Select “Add New” in this “Plugins” section. When the Plugins page loads you’ll see on the top of the page where you can select “Upload”. Click on “Upload” and then when the page loads use the “Browser” button to browse your computer for the Support Dynamo Plugin .zip file (make sure you are uploading a .zip file). Select the Support Dynamo .zip file and then simply click “Install Now” and WordPress will do the rest. Repeat….Make sure you are uploading the actual .zip file.

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Existing customers can receive Premium support for Support Dynamo by contacting our support center inside the Plugin Dynamo members area.